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All Caught Up...! by KibaWhiteWarrior
All Caught Up...!



The first of a few Christmas Hetalia drawings I have in the works B) This one took FOREVER but I like to believe it turned out rather adorable~ I was originally going to animate the lights turning on and off but the version just looks too damn good for me to take off the lighting and shading B’)

Birdsong's Illness by KibaWhiteWarrior
Birdsong's Illness

KWW- Birdsong lay in her nest, her breath catching in her throat as she lay in agony. Her chest ached, her head throbbed and her throat felt as if she'd swallowed a ball of thorns. She lay there in her nest, praying this was a dream and that this feeling would disappear. These were almost the same symptoms that stole Pipitkit away from her...and now she was sick with it too.


TCo-tV- Plumepatch had been sleeping so badly since the day that Pipitkit died and his tall form looked haggard in appearance. Sighing he entered the medicine cats den and looked around for his sister. When he found her he stumbled closer to her nest. "Birdsong, are you okay?" He asked, worried she wasn't up yet despite the sun being high enough in the sky for half the clan to be up.


KWW- She forces herself up onto her front paws, her whole body shaking. She opens her jaws to speak but her words are raspy and catch in her throat with the pain of sickness "I-I'm just feeling a little...ill today." she says. The symptoms more obvious now, Plumepatch should have no trouble identifying what it is...the same sickness that stole one of his children.


TCo-tV- Gasping at how sick his sister looked now that she was standing and speaking he rushed to her side, giving her a shoulder to lean on. "Birdsong!" He cried, worry rushing up faster then bile in the warrior. He helped her lay back down and pushed a paw to her forehead, hot to the touch. "You caught it didn't you?" He demanded, "The same illness that killed Pipitkit." He sounded clipped, scared. There had to be something he could do, he wasn't going to let someone else die like this. He wouldn't.


KWW- "It seems I have..." she says, putting on a faux smile and trying to get up once more. "I...I have to go get more of the herb. There was still some left the last time I checked..." she says, shaking like a leaf as her paws fight against the growing failure of her muscles.


TCo-tV- The white tom shook his head and put a paw on her back to keep her from trying to get up. "No, please don't move Birdsong. I don't need you getting worse. Stay here, I'll go get the herb. Just show me which one and I'll go find more." He mewed, voiced urgent.


KWW- Birdsong squinted at her brother with the look only a true sister could muster "Now I know where Sparrowkit gets her stubbornness..." she mutters to herself. She then looks around the nest and points out an herb on the wall "It’s like this one but the stalks are taller and the scent is mustier. They're in a bit of a precarious spot though...right on the border..." she says, giving detailed instructions on how it’s near a frozen riverbbed that might be too thin for him. "You might be too heavy. Maybe if you got Fawntail...?" she suggests, knowing she's smaller and lighter.


TCo-tV- Nodding the tom sniffed at the herb and got a good look. "Alright don't worry okay. I'll get some." he mewed, worriedly to his sister and giving her a weak smile. He didn't want to lose her now. He couldn't lose anymore of his family and this he could do. "Fawntail and I will get the herbs." He mewed, licking her forehead before covering her with a bit of moss and dashing out of the den, hurrying to fetch his mate so they could go and retrieve the plant.


KWW- Fawntail is soon filled in as to what is going on and off they go, together once more united after they were so recently torn apart on the inside. Birdsong watched her brother leave the den and then drifted off to sleep with thoughts of medicine and how things might go…


//Preview Image not Mine//

The RP required to save my baby ;w;
Hear my Silent Prayer .:Birdsong's Charm:. by KibaWhiteWarrior
Hear my Silent Prayer .:Birdsong's Charm:.
Nighmares had always haunted Birdsong...but these were different...

Birdsong's charm is a forked branch with a cobweb strung up between its branches. Two vibrant, blue and green beetle wings hold the base of the cobweb to the bottom of the fork and also keep the feathers in place. She'd been collecting the most exotic feathers she could find for a long time and now seemed like the best chance to put them to use. It was now...or never...


Hi everyone, its Blue. A lot of terrible and awful things have happened in my life recently and even though there have been a few good things the bad have been so intensely bad and so...just...wrong...that I've decided I need to go on a hiatus. If you don't really care to listen any more that's ok, as long as you know I'm just on hiatus and not hurt or something. For those of you looking for an explanation you can scroll down. 


I do not know how long this hiatus will be.


  • School

As excited for college as I am, its added a HUGE weight to my shoulders and I did not know I would be struggling so much already to keep up but I am. In addition, I'm already running low on funds (to which I will say that if you would like to help at all I'm doing commissions and can be reached about commissions and donations at I'm doing everything I can to keep up and I'm doing ok...then there's...


  • Job

I am currently desperately searching for a job. Looking over bus routes, checking out hiring spots and filling out application after application has been my second priority to school at this point in time to support myself and save for a few other reasons (some of which are far too personal to talk about with anyone). My parents are very...success driven...the fact that I do NOT have a job right now is a huge failure in their eyes and despite my efforts they always seem to think I'm doing jack sh*t about finding one when my first priority is actually school...


  • House and Moving?

Unbeknownst to everyone, there's been a lot going on in my mind and in real life about housing. I will not get into my current housing situation but...I can say this. I am seriously considering moving out sooner than later.

Once I get a solid job, transportation taken care of whether it be buses or carpooling, and a steady source of income I would like to get my own small place. NO it would NOT be far from where I am currently living (for those of you who know me offline) but this would mean I would be completely and totally on my own which would be even more stress. This is only an idea, as well, so don't freak out or anything. Its just becoming a more and more viable option. I'm getting quite motivated to work towards this in the coming months.


  • Friends in Crisis

One or more of my friends have come forward with huge burdens they're bearing and huge things they needed my opinion on. Some are devastating and some are...frighting to me and have caused me so much stress since they've told me. These things are bigger than anything I've dealt with and I'm floundering trying to help them. I wish I could help them all...I'm just trying so hard...

  • Mood: Miserable

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